Eliminate the need for extension sets or questions about sterility. Pall’s Cord Blood Sterile Collection Bag is suitable for ALL cord blood collections whether within a sterile field in a cesarean section, or for cord blood collection during a vaginal birth. The Sterile Collection Bag ccommodates either delivery method at a moment’s notice with no additional parts or assembly required for use.

Maximize the final cell number with the Sterile Collection Bag, designed to accomodate up to 210 mL of cord blood. An in-line sterile air vent aids in recovery of cord blood from the tubing, and the unique bag shape helps to maximize the recovery of cell-rich plasma.

In-line DonorCare Needleguard ensures safer cord blood collection by providing an added level of safety for collection staff against accidental needlestick injuries.

Manufactured to cGMP using validated manufacturing processes that ensure safe, consistent, and reliable product performance. Each bag is visually inspected prior to release and is fully traceable by lot number.

FDA NDA approved and CE marked under the Medical Devices Directive for the collection of cord blood.

As a key supplier to the cord blood banking industry, Pall provides a full range of bag sets that are used to prepare cord blood stem cells for cryopreservation and treatment.